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CubeWars Is Networked

Posted by redbeard on July 11, 2011

I had my first successful multi-player network test last night, with a few players other than myself connecting over the internet to my development machine. CubeWars is of course a working title, I’d prefer a final title which evokes more than just cubes and fighting.

We uncovered a few bugs, most of which I hadn’t noticed before, and which I’ve now fixed:

  • Players who quit left a ghost behind visible on other clients but not on the host
  • Backspace doesn’t work on chat input when you max out the input buffer
  • You can build cubes inside yourself and other players
  • The game crashes if you minimize and restore it

Overall progress has been good, and I’ve implemented a number of features since my previous post:

  • Networking system for object creation & synchronization
  • Multiplayer chat, including broadcast join & quit notices, and primitive command handling like /name <Dude>
  • Fast ray-casting through the cube grid using 3D DDA
  • Custom Win32 input handling to avoid dropped mouse clicks and text input
  • Console window for logging & debugging
  • Shooting and knifing other players (to death, complete with broadcast kill notices)
  • Visual feedback quad for cube editing
  • FXAA anti-aliasing
  • 3D sound playback, including distance loudness adjustment, left/right panning, and doppler shift

Some work still remains before I’m happy to call my “milestone 2” complete:

  • Reliable UDP integration via Lidgren library
  • Weapon shooting FX (other than sound) and player hit FX + sound
  • Edge enhancement effect on discontinuous depth images
  • Improved main menu with text entry for player name, world seed, etc

Obligatory screenshot

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