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Year To Date

Posted by redbeard on May 15, 2011

  • March 2011: “Marksman: Long Range” released, see postmortem.
  • April 2011: Started working on TileTactics, a top-down tile-based tactical game concept inspired by X-COM. Got some basic functionality working: tile visibility for units, path-finding, some primitive UI state machine stuff. Put this project on the back burner because I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired for the overall vision of the project, because I didn’t want to make a straight-up X-COM clone and was concerned for the viability of the project on the Xbox Live marketplace.
  • April 2011:  Started on CubeWorld (working title), inspired by Minecraft to create a cubular world where the geometry is structured but random and infinite. This is my currently active project, so I’ll write some more articles about the details.

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