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CubeWorld is now CubeWars

Posted by redbeard on June 22, 2011

After contemplating a number of factors, I’m taking my cuboid-world game design in a different direction.

Old: single-player, exploration-based gameplay, infinite 3D world.

New: online team-based multi-player, destruction & construction-based gameplay, finite world.

  • Performance wasn’t good enough on Xbox for generating the procedural world geometry dynamically, but a finite world can be generated at load time, even if it’s still procedural. Rendering performance should be fine.
  • Fortresscraft already has a large number of sales and is currently focused on building stuff and sharing with friends. Minecraft has been announced for release later this year on Xbox, which makes that space even more crowded. By focusing on team-based PvP gameplay, I’m taking things in a different direction which should garner more attention (and hopefully sales).
  • The overall design for the free-roaming exploration and infinite world wasn’t really jiving for me, and I was facing some concerns about data persistence and other technical issues.
  • Network programming is something new & exciting which I’m interested in exploring as a personal growth exercise.

Feel free to read my new game design document.  Let me know if you have reasonable suggestions!

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